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Meet Chrissy 

Pleased to meet you , My name is Chrissy I am a very fun and bubbly natured pooch! I love Barking with Bianca, because we have so much fun together.

My brother Sebastian and I get so excited when its time to go for our walks!!!

Meet Sebastian 


Woof woof woof woof!!! My name is Sebastion I am a bouncy loving fast playful pup. Barking with Bianca is so much fun for me! I just love LOVE my walks and runs!!

Meet Rosie

Woof Woof! Pleased to Meet you! My name is Rosie, and I am a very bubbly and fun loving pooch, who has loved my walks with Barking with Bianca. My sister and I forward to our regular walks with Bianca and we are so happy when she arrives!

Meet Marlee


My name is Marlee, and I am a little pooch who was a little nervous at first to walk,with Barking with Bianca. But now I feel so well looked after that I now love my walks so much especially when my sister comes along.

Meet Radford

Bark! Woof Woof!

 Radford is my name and Walking is my game. I have recently joined the Barking with Bianca Family and I have had a ball  getting out and about in the local town. 

Meet Molson

Bow bow wow! 

My Name is Molson... yes owner named me after a beer! I am a GSP, And for those of you who don't know,what that means; it  stands for German Short-haired pointer. I am big and loud and  I have a cat sister called Tia Maria!! 

 I Love my elf on the shelf toy and especially LOVE my Barking with Bianca tug toys! Barking with Bianca is so much fun,I get to see her twice a week and I enjoy her company.